Hire Like a Diversity Expert: 5 Key Qualities of Inclusive Employees

But sometimes hiring diverse candidates can be like walking on a tightrope.  You want to hire more women, people of color, folks with disabilities and beyond, but you may be walking a thin line between tokenization and appreciation.

While a workforce with good demographic representation is necessary, it is equally important to staff the organization with people who already value diversity and inclusion.

The work of inclusion begins at the personal level. Institutions are made up of people. People are the ones in the organizations coming up with policies, procedures, practices, systems and ultimately, shaping culture.

If you want an inclusive work environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging, hire people who value inclusion in deed and in practice.

Otherwise, you risk losing talent from having a problematic company culture and by hiring candidates who were never a great choice to uphold the value of inclusion.

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