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A strategic talent development plan for your critical executive position!

Our Market & Talent Mapping service helps clients understand the quality of talent available both within and outside their corporate boundaries and how specific functions are structured across the competitor landscape.

Pipal Tree Services Market & Talent Mapping service will give you a holistic view of the current talent landscape. We utilise in-depth market intelligence and conduct a confidential analysis of talent pools, which enables us to assess what available talent is suitable. This process reveals the big picture to our clients, saving time, money and mitigating risk, especially before you get a executive search firm on board.

This coverage includes functional, business unit and sectoral analyses and allows client to take an informed view of what exists in a market before making a hiring decision.

What are the benefits of Talent Mapping?

  • Succession planning strategies help you identify and cultivate individuals ready to ‘step up’.
  • Identify talent at target organisations.
  • Build a comprehensive talent pipeline.
  • A competitor analysis, which includes information such as salary data, and understanding who is in the market and what they are doing to attract top talent.
  • Market analysis and information to assess the likelihood of success of a full search process.
  • Additional support for internal recruitment teams that lack the capacity or specialist skills to assess talent.
  • Diversity planning helps you identify talent internally and establish relationships with talent in the market that meets your diversity needs.

The process methodology

• Context & Roles to be mapped

• Define ideal candidate: Education, Experience, Skills

• Agree on Direct and Indirect Competitors

• Source of information via

• Headhunting

• Social Media

• Internal Database

• References

Capture Information in agreed format

Contextualise, whet, verify and report findings

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