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We find not just the right talent but the right leaders

While many companies possess general recruitment experience & create one-size-fits-all shortlists, few executive search firms have the expertise to understand the increasing complexity of executive & board member recruitment. Pipal Tree Services excels in bringing to our clients, services which have been tailored to their specific requirements, & has both the resources & the knowledge to undertake detailed searches. Using a combination of the latest technology & our individual industry experience, we bring our clients a clear advantage in the competition for the for the “right” candidates.



Executive search is our core expertise and the foundations of our business: we have the ability to find, attract and develop the best executive talent in the world.



Our Market & Talent Mapping service helps clients understand the quality of talent available both within and outside their corporate boundaries and how specific functions are structured across the competitor landscape.



How effective are your leaders? We support you in answering these questions confidently, providing you with information needed to make the right leadership decisions, at the right times.

Our services are built around an intimate understanding of the client’s organization and business and provide multiple advantages:

  • Securing the most promising candidates today, with the aim of creating a solid talent pipeline for the strategic positions that the organization will need to fill tomorrow.
  • Preparing for changes in business by attracting professionals with in-depth expertise, solid background and a potential to fuel the organization’s international development.
  • Developing a new generation of highly skilled people, selected on the basis of their personality and of their attachment to the organization’s culture.
  • Building a culturally diverse workforce.
  • Creating a positive competitive environment between your best employees.

What are your looking to do for your talent need today?

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