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Media, Entertainment & Publishing Practice

The advent of digital technology has disrupted the entire media landscape creating a highly volatile environment but this volatitality has also lead to unparalleled opportunities. Whether you are into consumer publishing, TV or  business information, Now you have to compete with consumer who has the potential and the avenues to get into the roles of content creator, publisher and distributor. In this environment of constant change, organization needs a nimble and creative leadership that have a unique set of competencies to help media organizations stay ahead of the of not just the competition but the curve.


At the media, entertainment & publishing practice at Pipal Tree Services, we work across various media domain including film, TV, radio, music, games, publishing, advertising and the performing arts, to advise firms on getting the right leaders to drive their organizations forward.  This is achieved by providing end-to-end strategic services that make individuals, teams and organisations stronger:

Given the fast changing dynamics of the media, entertainment & publishing industry, we know that finding the right talent is paramount. Our team  works with you to find the right leadership and talent to achieve better performance, gain clearer direction and as a direct result maintain a competitive edge.

Our experience, amplified by our understanding of the media and entertainment market, provides a compelling value proposition in building long-term consultative relationships with clients along with identifying, following, retaining and developing talents and skills in this highly competitive environment.