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Today, real estate companies in India are reassessing their business and long-term potential in this rapidly-changing & challenging economic environment. In the high-stakes world of real estate market, it is critical that organizations have smart, dynamic leaders who can not only act swiftly, think differently, and build successful team frameworks but also deftly plan for the business impact of anything from political unrest, to societal changes and regulatory alterations.


As a real estate executive search firm, Pipal Tree services work across real estate private equity firms, owners/developers, REITs, real estate investment managers, real estate services organizations, corporate real estate companies, endowments and foundations, and financial services firms on getting them t agile and strategic leaders to drive their organizations forward.  This is achieved by providing end-to-end strategic services that make individuals, teams and organisations stronger:

Given the responsibility leaders in the real estate sector have on their shoulders, we know that finding the right talent is paramount. We understand that positions are filled by people, not resumes or CVs. Our consultants take the time to understand your business and its needs, delivering a tailored service which aims at finding and engaging talent that will thrive in your organisation, and help tackle your most urgent business challenges.

Our experience, amplified by our understanding of the real estate market, provides a compelling value proposition in building long-term consultative relationships with clients along with identifying, following, retaining and developing talents and skills in this highly competitive environment.