Hiring Managers & Diversity: How To Take The Bias Out Of Your Interviewing Process

It was less than a year ago that employers found themselves in a talent war. Unemployment was at a low and employees called the shots. The world has been turned on its head and for now, the employment market is definitely in the employer’s favor. But hiring the right person isn’t just about quantity and availability. It’s primarily about quality.

Quality hires are no longer just about what’s on the resume. It’s about someone who will help elevate and evolve the company to survive and thrive well into the future. Having a diverse workforce is not about hitting some magic demographic number. It’s about bringing in viewpoints and perspectives that match the global market that most companies serve today. How do you minimize or remove the bias that is present in all of us from the hiring process?

Below are some tips all hiring managers should consider to minimize their bias as much as possible.

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