What Would It Take to Reskill Entire Industries?

The pandemic has brought about a unique situation: millions unemployed on the one hand and rapidly evolving and growing skills needs on the other. There is an opportunity for the former to solve the latter’s problem. With it, comes an urgency for companies, governments, and workers’ organizations to join forces and offer the global workforce clear reskilling pathways. There are three concrete policies governments and labor organizations can deploy to make it available to all: First, create and empower tripartite sector skills councils (SSCs).

These are non-profit organizations focused helping on a single industry sector define and close its skills gaps. Second, support small businesses. Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) often need more financial and technical resources to reskill their employees. Third, make reskilling more accessible to individual employees. All employees should have access to some kind of career development support, funded through a mix of personal contributions, employer support, and state sponsorship.

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