What recruiters need: Skills and capabilities of the future

It’s been clear for much of 2020: amid disruption and uncertainty, not to mention cost pressures, companies need to be increasingly discerning about the type and quality of talent they hire. This puts tremendous pressure on the hiring process, and on the people who execute it—the recruitment professionals responsible for finding, evaluating, and proposing talent.

Unsurprisingly, recruiters have been rushing to upgrade their skills. LinkedIn’s Future of Recruiting Report found that this year, recruiters in the Asia Pacific spent quadruple the time learning as compared to in 2019. The reasons are multiple: hiring demand during the pandemic has been erratic at best and highly specific to industries, while virtual recruitment is forcing recruiters to hastily learn their way around new tools and methods. On top of this, LinkedIn’s report also found that many recruiters see their role changing to encompass new aspects such as employee engagement, requiring the whole new skills in itself.

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