How to Evaluate Your Company’s Onboarding Program

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How to Evaluate Your Company’s Onboarding Program

How to Evaluate Your Company’s Onboarding Program

Regardless of what we call it, we know what onboarding is. It’s the process new hires go through to become productive. Now the question comes, do organizations know how well the current process works for them ? There’s only one way to find out the effectiveness the company’s onboarding process. That’s by conducting an assessment.

This post is designed to provide a brief outline for assessing your program. These would be a series of questions about your own organization’s onboarding plan to determine how healthy (or not) your plan is and where you may have some holes. In no particular order, here are some questions to ask:

  • Is your onboarding process documented or written down somewhere?
  • Does it use “insider” jargon or terms which are common to your organization? Does everyone involved understand it?
  • Is the task ownership well defined and clear to all the parties involved.
  • Is it chronological? Can you put tasks with timeframes?
  • If someone departs your company, is it clear what tasks their replacement will take over?
  • How does your plan address cultural as well as technical onboarding?
  • Do you have a buddy or mentor role built into your plan?
  • Are IT tasks addressed in this plan? Does your IT department know about it?
  • Have you run the plan by existing employees for feedback?
  • Do you have checkpoints and feedback opportunities built into your plan?
  • Does your plan address an employee’s first day from start to finish?
  • Does your plan cover the time period after an employee accepts but before they start?
  • Is it simple

So how did you do with the above questions?

We’ll come back to some of these points in the coming weeks and months but for now, take a close look at your onboarding process and determine the areas where there’s room for improvement.

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